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concrete desk

concrete desk

Concrete Furniture

Daydreams, or the fantasy to make accustomed objects appear in a different light. Alienation of well known items by using unusual material and out of this the arising of new design opportunities.

I have always dreamt of a kitchen made completely out of concrete. The idea manifested when I visited a company close to Paris, who specializes in objects made of concrete. By using different material ingredients they are able to vary the colours of the concrete.

For now, the kitchen will still have to wait, - but in the meantime I was still eager to try it out. For my new office I needed a new desk. Preferably pragmatic, simple, pure in material use, unique, and comfortable. And so my desk out of concrete originated. Since it’s handmade, it’s not 100% perfect, but it’s those tiny flaws that make it appear quite natural and charming.

Me and my desk from concrete. To move house? No I don’t think I will (:
But thanks to modern technologies it would also be no problem.

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