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Dishes - Plates and platters

Dishes - Plates and platters
Plates and platters
This dish series was specifically developed for the production in glass fusing-technique. During the full glass to glass sealing process, the specially designed form accommodates the flow behaviour of the glass and, due to the original cut, it intensifies the desired impression.
The rounded cutting edges of the plates and platters, in combination with the slightly curved form, ensure unique colour effects. The light breaks on the edges and the dish shimmers in the colour which is applied to the bottom.

The velvety soft impression off the glass is created through a special matting. In another pass the platters and plates are sandblasted before placed in the oven again. The aforementioned matting builds a closed surface and shows, in contrast to conventional sandblasted surfaces, no contact prints. Due to this additional heating process the glass is also impervious to light blows. The colours on the bottom are baked and therefore the dish is dishwasher safe.

Of this design there were 4 pieces produced: 2 plates [200 x 200 mm and 250 x 250  mm] and 2 bowls  [160 x 160 mm and 220 x 220 mm]. The design was carried into effect in three colours: silver, yellow-green, light blue.
Designed for Stiefelmayer-Contento GmbH & Co KG

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