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Key Case and Functional Jewellery

Key Case and Functional Jewellery
In cooperation with the Chamber Of Handicrafts Konstanz, the Trade Supervisory Office Baden-Wuerttemberg and the State Academy Of Arts & Design Stuttgart, the initiative Tuttlingen was founded. The aim of this project was to invent new products that are tuned in to the existing production techniques of the Surgical Instrument Processing Industry surrounding the region Tuttlingen.

key case
The form finding process was under the motto “soft stones made of metal”.
The rounded form prevents clothing from being damaged. The little case houses up to 4 keys, which can be individually released and used for the unlocking or locking. The key can be directly placed in the case by the user and replaced at will. Due to the ergonomic shape it fits well into the hand and at the same time assures easy usage with hard to open locks due to the bigger leverage.
The case made of aluminium is available in the following anodised colours:
natural (aluminium), blue, red.

Functional jewellery
A fluid container made of aluminium, and designed as a necklace, can be used for perfume or medicine.
The lenses case can be used for soft and hard contact lenses. It is designed for people on the go.

Mentored by Prof. Richard Sapper

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