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Mobile assistant in the industrial environment.

Mobile assistant in the industrial environment.
The mobile assistant for the industrial realm is a computer to wear on your body. The processing unit is housed in a waistcoat, with a headset that allows the user to simultaneously observe the real surroundings as well as the virtual world. This simplifies the communication and access to information in assembly lines and manufacturing plants.

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer-Institute for Industrial Engineering and Automation in Stuttgart [IPA]

Degree dissertation
Product design | industrial design
State Academy of Arts and Design Stuttgart

The equipment developed during the final year project simplifies the communication as well as the access to information in industrial areas. Designed specifically for people who have to work  in large areas or on hard to access machines. The on the body borne multimedia based processing unit serves well to quickly call up information of technical documents,  interpret error logs and, if needed, contact others to exchange information and to attribute to knowledge.

With the mobile assistant, mobility and having your hands free are top priority. This lead to the development of a body borne multimedia based processing unit. This portable computer allows for a quick information recall that is displayed on a visor worn in front of the eye (by Microoptical). A vest holds the computer components.

The headset is connected with the computer via bluetooth. The data is projected onto a silvered glass by an LCD projector and produced approximately 50 cm in font of the user is a picture that can be directly related to the actual situation. The service technician simultaneously observes the real surroundings as well as the virtual world.
Through a ball and socket joint the display can be individually adjusted, this ensures even in difficult positions a good overview and of course safety. This is controlled by voice entry (Sicom). For this there is a cardioid microphone (Emkay) which suppresses disturbing noises and can also be used in industrial areas as well. This communication unit consisting of a loudspeaker and microphone, also serves as internal and external telephones.  It enables quick danger warnings, which can be life saving, especially in silo and tank constructions. The headset rests on two points: the chin and an opposite spot on the head. Due to the symmetrical swivel joint it can be worn on the left as well as on the right side of the head. Even though the set is very light, comfort is ensured by additional padding on the contact points. The speaker sits in front of the ear without touching it.

The corresponding processing units are located in the vest, which is made  of grey reflective material (IBR – Flashlite series). The technical equipment is housed in the stiff covers of the pockets. The data transfer is wireless (bluetooth)
With the design of a mobile assistant, quick and efficient access to data can now be achieved.

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