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thermometer and weather stations made of glass

thermometer and weather stations made of glass
To expand the array of products in the field of thermometers, the task was given to make new designs of thermometers of sheet glass as well as modifying the Galileo-thermometer.
A unified appearance of thermometer, hygrometer, barometer

Galileo thermometer
The physicist Galileo Galilee discovered that the density of liquid changes according to temperature. This principle is used in the Galileo- thermometer. Depending on the temperature, the glass bulbs in the thermometer either rise or fall. The actual temperature is shown by the lowest of the floating glass bulbs.

some important topics: colour concept . design of the temperature tags . glass pipe . cover plate .  stability
this thermometer is designed for Stiefelmayer-Contento GmbH & Co KG

thermometer for flowerpots
A thermometer on a rod which is meant, for example, for the flowerpot on your window sill.

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